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Commercial Rooftop Solar Development Q&A:

What is the total time to complete a C & I Solar PV project?

The typical start to finish time for completing a medium size solar (+/- 500kw) project is approximately 4 months.  This time frame is comprised of one month of pre-construction development tasks (design, arranging financing, civil engineering, etc. ) followed by 3 months of project construction.

What is the total cost to a customer of installing a commercial solar PV project?

The solar lease financing structure requires no up-front cost to a customer.  Equity investors provide the funding for construction costs with pre-construction costs paid by the developer.  Our customers realize no costs until the solar lease begins.

Is the lease term for a commercial solar PV project negotiable?

A shorter lease term can be applied to a project.  However, a shorter lease term will lead to a higher periodic lease payment. This scenario is similar to a 30 year mortgage shortened to a 15 year mortgage.

Can a solar PV customer sell excess solar energy produced by its solar array back to the local utility?

The regulations that guide sales of excess solar PV energy into the local grid vary from state to state. Generally, rates paid by utilities for excess solar PV energy are low. The feasibility of selling excess energy into the grid are studied carefully before a project is built.

What is the difference between a solar lease and a PPA?

A solar lease is a fixed payment made by a solar PV power consumer that resembles a mortgage payment.  A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) resembles a traditional tariff-based payment for solar PV energy consumption.  The PPA payment varies as it is based on exact energy consumption and a specific rate per kwh for power.  A solar lease greatly reduces a customer’ s payment variance and provides greater predictability over the life of the lease period.